Antibacterial Adult Face Mask REGULAR Navy

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Let's Put A Mask On Every Face. Get a mask, give a mask. For every face mask purchased at Gilded Garment, we will give 1 face mask away to a local hospital, children's hospital, the VA, or a retirement facility. 

 Made of Mirawave Bio which is an antibacterial yarn.

Antibacterial Adult face mask. 

UV protection

Fast Drying 

3D Design for comfortable fit and V- line style to stay in place

Eco friendly- reuse


Adult Size

These masks should be washed in a laundry bag or hand wash.

KIDS: The same kid size sold in the past. Fits 99% of all kids ages 3-12

ADULT SMALL/ TWEEN: This mask is snug on Erin. You need a very narrow face. This mask is best suited for narrow face adults and tweens.

ADULT REGULAR: This mask is the same adult size we have sold in the past. If you have purchased one and it fits, stick with it. If it's a little big, purchase the ADULT SMALL / TWEEN.