Welcome To The Gilded Garment!

collection of photos of gilded garment owner, Erin Poe, with her husband and young daughter

Gilded Garment is inspired by its very meaning, covered in gold. Some may call it loud, others may consider it gaudy, but to Erin Gilded Garment is a thing of beauty. Erin hopes that she can help her customers find confidence, and therefore joy, through fashion. It’s this joy for fashion that Erin found as a child, that exists today, and that she hopes she can share with others forever.



Meet our Founder + CEO

Headshot of Gilded Garment founder and owner, Erin Poe, wearing a black top and gold earrings

From her earliest memories of playing dress up as a child, Erin Poe has always had an eye for fashion. As she grew her sisters would humor her by letting her host fashion shows at their home for fun.

Looking back now she thinks how admirable it would be to have been voted “Best All Around” or “Friendliest,” but for Erin being voted “Best Dressed” by her high school was a confidence boost as the trendsetter that she had always desired to be.

After all, for Erin, fashion isn’t just a word- it’s a joy- it’s who she is and always has been. It was an easy decision for Erin to attend Auburn University, as it was not far from home and yet the second best fashion school in the country. While in school she spent a semester working in New York alongside designers that she had long admired like Ralph Lauren, Nanette Lepore, and the design team for Theory. Additionally, she interned for a Couture wedding gown designer, where she planned and organized for an appearance at Bridal Fashion Week in New York. After graduating and working diligently in retail she became an area manager for several well-known companies such as BCBGMAXAZRIA and Brighton Collectibles.

Though very fulfilled professionally, Erin’s dream came true when she got to walk her own runway to her sweet husband on their wedding day. Soon thereafter Erin’s life was forever changed when she and her husband, Morgan, welcomed their baby girl. Though Erin’s priorities have certainly shifted to focusing on her family, especially her daughter Eva Grace, her passion for fashion has always remained. In motherhood Erin knew she could not wholly depart from the fashion industry as she missed seeing and being involved in the movement of trends. In February of 2017, with her background in the fashion industry and her desire to help everyone win “Best Dressed”, Erin started towards making her dream of owning an online clothing boutique a reality. Erin’s three named professional passions include: client and customer relationships, wardrobing to an individual’s wants and needs while simultaneously encouraging them outside of their comfort zone, and the ever changing fashion industry. It is from this foundation that GILDED GARMENT, LLC was born.